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Sam, 24, NC. [still a] new mama. lupus thriver. (lupie, spoonie) enjoying life with my hardy boys.

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Boys and their toys. #gunshopping @samantha_griffith
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20. February 2014

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I am in an indescribable mood.

20. February 2014

it doesn’t seem to matter that i have a blogspot because i get the same feedback from either blog and that is a a whole lotta nothing.

this life is such a roller coaster. you think you’re getting a handle and then a corkscrew is thrown into the mix and you don’t know what to do. where you thought you were going is suddenly not where it seems. 

but then the next day you get some great news and it seems to be headed back up. 

we’re hoping to own a new car soon.

i’m also hoping to have a big bill paid off.

i wanted an iphone, but we know we have to put our priorities in order here. the iphone will come…